What a great day for a workout! So let's get started!

It is my personal privilege and pleasure to assist you with your fitness goals through a positive personal approach to group fitness. I am a Certified IRONMAN Triathlon Coach, a twice certified Spinning Instructor through Madd Dogg Athletics and a certified AFPA Fitness Instructor. As such, I am able to offer you a comprehensive fitness program that is effective, efficient and fun as well as challenging while adaptable to all ages and fitness levels.

I enjoy running, road cycling and open water ocean swimming which enables me to integrate my experiences and passion for triathlon into my class instruction in order to offer you fitness that you can see and feel as well as fitness you can use!

As a retired professional musician of 25+ years as well as a mother, I am able to empathize with the demands that a full time career and family can place on anyone's demanding schedule. For many people, 1 hour group fitness classes at Stay Fit Studio are the perfect fit in a busy person's day.

So, come on in and let's get started -
We can do this!