Erica Fuhrman

Erica grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania, after finishing college (Go Penn State U!), she lived in Phoenix, Arizona before coming to Key West. Erica knew she was ready to fulfill her passion for fitness when she moved to Key West. She couldn’t resist the motivation of the amazing weather and wonderful group of people – “A no brain-er” she called it. Erica is certified in Spinning, with a specialty in…sarcasm. When not a full-time wedding planner for Simply You Weddings, or working hard at the studio, some of Erica’s free time favorites include enjoying her other passion, music. Take any one of Erica’s Spin classes and you will always get an eclectic list from Elvis to Pink to Tool to Dave Matthew’s Band.

  • Erica’s favorite motivation tip?
    “When you feel like you just can not do anymore, look around you and there is probably someone that is feeling just the same as you but they are pushing through it. Do something that scares or challenges you everyday. Not just in the fitness world but in your daily life activities.”