Classes and Services

Stay Fit Studiooffers a variety of different exercise programs that match your fitness needs. We provide FREE water and towels for every class, and our instructors will help you with your exercise program.

Call (305) 294-0693 48 hours in advance to reserve your class.

Bones & Balance: This class uses hand weights, resistance bands, pilates, and your own body weight to strengthen the bones and muscles, improving balance, coordination, and posture.
(Offered November through May) Ask about special rates and packages.

Cardio Sculpt: A fun, high energy class that will keep your heart rate up while sculpting many different muscle groups. Every class will be different and challenging, and will use a variety of equipment.

Core Strength: A 30 minute class focused mostly on coordination, flexibility, control, breath, and balance using light weights with an emphasis on Pilates.

Enhance Fitness: Incorporates light weight training, flexibility, balance and low-impact cardio conditioning tailored for adults 55 and older.
(Offered November through May) Ask about special rates and packages.

Functional Strength and Stretch: Light strength training, working with the stabilizer muscles of the body. With stretching and self-mobilization techniques. Just what your body needs!

Hardass: 30 minutes focus work on glutes.

Hatha Yoga: This 90 minute class has a particular focus on strength, alignment, balance, focus, and detail. Open to �all levels� of practitioner. Some utilization of props to assist students in setting muscle memory and modification of postures will be introduced, as needed.

Mommy & Me Fitness: This fitness program for new moms, dads and babies gives parents an opportunity to get in shape while at the same time bonding with their babies and making new friends. Ask about special rates and packages.

Pedal & Pump: This energy-filled class combines the aerobic conditioning of spinning with the benefits of high repetition weight training to improve strength and tone muscle.

Pilates: The Pilates Method of body conditioning focuses on improving strength and flexibility for the total body while toning your muscles without adding bulk.

Spinning: This stationary bike class gives you an energizing, endorphin-rich workout, allowing you to burn up to 500 calories in a single 45 minute session. Instructors guide participants through workout phases like warm-up, steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, climbs, and cool-downs, all done to incredible music. You control resistance on your bike to make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose. Our bikes are SPD compatible.

Strength Training: Sculpt and shape your muscles with this full body weight workout class.

Tabata: A Tabata workout consists of alternating short periods of intense exercise with short periods of rest for 3 or 4 minutes. A wide variety of exercises are compatible with the Tabata protocol, including resistance exercises such as lifting weights and aerobic exercises such as running or walking.

TRX Core: Are you curious about TRX and the benefits of adding it to your workout routine? TRX Core Camp will introduce you to the basics of TRX and provide a great core workout. This class begins with strength intervals and ends with a killer core session!

Yoga/All Levels: This class includes an emphasis on postural alignment, breathing, and attention to detail. Yoga helps to develop strength and balance, both mentally and physically.

Zumba!: Combines Latin and International music and dance for a fun, effective workout. Shake up your fitness routine and Join the Party!

Massage Sessions: Treat yourself to a relaxing and therapeutic massage. We offer the best massages in Key West from certified therapists. Massages include Deep Tissue, Table Thai, Hot Stone and Swedish.

Personal Training/Private Instruction: Don't see the class that you want at a time that works for you? Our Instructors are available for private instruction by appointment. Talk to an instructor today!

*For classes on the home page that do not have descriptions above, please contact us at Call (305)294-0693.