Amy Spielberg

Amy Spielberg, originally from New York, has always known she wanted to be involved in fitness. She is a graduate of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, with over 16 years experience in Massage, specializing in functional fitness and injury recovery massage. Amy is an ISSA certified personal trainer, USAT triathlon coach, and certified race director. She is also a licensed Pilates, fitness, and Spinning instructor. She has worked in the health and fitness industry in Key West for the past 11 years with many great accomplishments including 2006 ‘Massage Therapist of the Year’ for the Florida Keys, and former owner/operator of Stay Fit Studio as well as race director and owner of TRIKW. She loves creating dual relationships and helping people with both health and fitness. In her free time Amy enjoys being with her husband Doug and daughter Emma, of course when she isn’t training for a triathlon!

  • Amy’s favorite exercise? The Plank!

  • Her fitness tip for you? “Create a balance, and treat yourself.”